Well hello there!

Hey y’all!

So I’ve been rather absent to say the least!! And while I don’t think I have any die hard followers, I do want to apologize, because I would hate for you to get excited or invested about something you found on my blog only to realize nothing new was happening here! So I am so very sorry.

Comfort went lame and then got this weird flare of white line disease and basically nothing exciting has been happening so don’t fear that you’ve missed out. I WILL, however, give you many many picture updates and the next few posts after this one will go into a little more detail about where we are with training and riding and everything else. In short, all is well, she’s back on track and healthy, and it’s blazing hot outside lately! Of course the last two days have been amazingly cool for this time of year, but I’ve been working all this weekend, naturally!

Here are the latest Comfort pictures! The hoof pictures are the flare of white line disease. I hope you enjoy!


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