Honest Assessment: Part III and My Birthday Week!

It’s my birthday week!!!!!!!! Woohooooooo!!!!!!!!!!champaigne.gif

Ok let’s use up a ton of space with very little words so you can stop going crazy watching Lucille Ball freak out out of the corner of your right eye.

La la la la la la la la la la

Ok, so back to business, my birthday was Tuesday, but the party won’t stop till I’ve consumed all the birthday cake! I’m not sure what makes me so excited about my birthday, every year. Perhaps because it lands on the best date of the year!


Everyone calls me J-quellin and quotes this movie^. The weather is ALWAYS great. It’s just good stuff! Plus I just love celebrating April. I feel like it’s when my real life begins. I’m not really hibernating December through mid-march but… I really come to my best self in the spring. THIS birthday week, however, has been incredibly rainy. Those may flowers better follow through on their deal. I was supposed to play with ponies and go on a huge camping trip, but oh well!

It’s been a few days since I’ve been able to chip away at my pyramid, but we seem to have regressed. Comfort was very upset that I’d trapped her in the arena and didn’t want her to move. Ugh! So much for that being a relaxing exercise. She just didn’t listen to my corrections and her head was somewhere else the whole time. Every time I gave her a light correction she ignored it so I increased and increased until she was annoyed. It just  didn’t work. We did work on sniffing things, and that was OK. I guess we should have just stopped there. I wish I could identify what went wrong, but all I can think of is that she wanted to be with friends and the farrier swung by earlier that day, and maybe she was just fizzled out on life given it was pretty late in the evening, already.  I think coming at it earlier in the day (a less stressful day) will help. So that’s what I will do!




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