Micklem Bridle Review!

My first day using the Micklem bridle was a huge success. I went from your average bridle with a full cheek snaffle to a french link bit and a Micklem bridle. It was a fantastic transition. There’s quite a lot I like about the Micklem, so let’s look at some photos and get started.


The french link snaffle was a hit, for starters, but I think she found it to be even more pleasant when paired with a steadier contact. The thick, rubber reins (which I honestly have always thought were a little awkward looking) worked wonders to keep my hand in place and keep the contact steady. The clips on the bit also do a great job of stabilizing the bit from the opposite end.

The fit is great. As you’ve probably already read on other blogs and websites, the cheek piece does need to be snug, as does the “flash” strap. The top of the bridle is very soft and thick, making is as comfortable for the horse as possible. Brass buckles and fittings add a nice touch to this already beautifully crafted bridle.


I invested in the Micklem multibridle, which has an additional lunging cavesson on the nose. This doesn’t bother me one bit. I am all about schooling. If I make it to shows, that’s great, but it isn’t my main focus. I am all about practicality and this is a great way for me to lunge, tie, and ride my pony all with the same piece of equipment. The cavesson is a little stiff, but it’s not so much that it would rub, and it’s breaking in nicely. The whole bridle feels really sturdy, which is a great feeling to have. Most importantly, Comfort responded so well to me putting it on and her wearing it. Once she got used to it, her whole demeanor relaxed, which was a huge gift. Relaxation is key with Comfort.

All in all, I really like this bridle. I know it will require more use before I can give a wholly comprehensive review, but, so far, it’s absolutely an improvement for my pony, and I can feel secure knowing that she isn’t receiving any unnecessary pressure on the sensitive nerves of her face.


Really such a clean and beautiful design. This bridle is incredibly simple and uncomplicated, which I love. It only has two buckles that you use to put on and take off the bridle, and you can immediately tie your horse after a ride by using the ring on the nose, which can really come in handy! It’s a little bulky hanging in the tack room, but it’s also one of the most beautiful pieces of equipment I own, so I really don’t mind it standing out! I am glad I invested in the Micklem Multibridle!