It’s Autumn!

I love autumn weather for being a horsewoman! The autumn season is all about brisk days cantering past colorful trees, hearing the crunch of leaves as you land after a jump, layering adorable outfits to ride in… oh that quilted vest with gold accents you’ve waited all year to wear… Even when you’re not at the barn, everyone totally accepts you incorporating equestrian elements into your outfits in the fall. Tweed, foxes, riding boots, and lovely equestrian accessories feel the change in weather and leap onto the pages of magazines and into the hearts of fashionistas! Yes, I’d have to say, autumn is our season.

Another perk is that your pony starts to get fuzzy but instead of looking all awkward and hairy, her coat is dark and rich…

But for me, autumn flies by. In my line of work, it’s travel season and Comfort goes to the dark side, spiraling into full blown margarita drinking/ Jimmy Buffet/kid cudi pursuit of happiness mode. I am only around on the weekends, where I guiltily request short rides and watch my 3/4 of a year of training start to go down the tubes. Winter hits, and I pathetically try to kick the training up a notch. This ends in bad weather and all that follows in its terrible, icy wake- failed attempts at trick training, sliding in mud, not wearing cute vests anymore, and wishing I had bought a bit warmer while it was still on sale in the summer. Oh and freezing to death because I’m a Texan and this Virginia weather feels inhumane and unnatural. Imagine me flinging saddle pads out of my tack box desperately thinking – WHERE ARE THE HAND WARMERS?! That’s me all winter. One of the worst parts is how dark it is all season.


Comfort in the stall she’s fed in at her new barn!

This year, however…. oh yes, this year will be different. I moved Comfort to a new bar, last weekend, and, although it lacks an indoor arena, it does have a well maintained sand arena, will be getting lights in November, and so much more! It has a wonderful woman who will regularly handle my pony for feeding every day, it has other boarders whom I may ride with (+miles of trails!), and it has LESSONS! Yep, riding lessons are definitely the missing link in my equestrian life, and I am SO SO SO excited to have someone with experience to help me stay on track with a game plan and I’m in mo way embarrassed to say that I need and adore having riding lessons! I really think this will help me overcome my  lingering cantering anxiety on Comfort, get me back on track with jumping, and help my confidence to be where it needs to be to create the awesome team I’ve always wanted to be with my pony. Furthermore, I’ll progress as a rider and be able to take my skills to the next level. I am VERY excited.

Without further ado, here are Comfort’s opinions on the matter:

Things Comfort looks forward to:

More food

more grass

more friends

more space

super cool forests

a pond

more little children to fall in love with her

fewer four wheelers

pretty, new tack things (an ongoing benefit of being my pony)

Things Comfort definitely does not look forward to:

trailering practice

having to start all over with climbing the social ladder – right now she is in a paddock by herself and seems very interested in making friends so hopefully it will go well!!

Mom’s notoriously awkward learning curve in riding lessons

leaving her best friend

mom’s annoying photo shoots

Comfort staring at the herd with her grandmommy (my mom!)

So that’s pretty much it! I think, for the most part, Comfort will absolutely love it! Let’s just hope she stays out of trouble!! This weekend I’ll go for a trial ride, but not sure if I’ll ride comfort because her feet are a little out of whack and the farrier doesn’t come till the 28th- dying!!!!





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