Post Surgery!


In a cast, havin’ a blast! (Mostly because I was on massive pain pills).

One surgery and three months of physical therapy later and I’m back to blogging! My friends in Blacksburg have been … Oh, what’s the word…. Incredible beyond all comprehension, I guess, but that is kind of an understatement.

My friends being amazing, riding Comfort, letting me borrow tack.


Riding comfort was going well until two days ago when she spooked and I went right off her back. I hate it when that happens. Something about the abruptness mixed with sudden sideways action followed by running makes me come off every time. But trotting is going WAY better, and I’ve figured out a magic formula for keeping her calm and ensuring a solid ride. I just want to canter so badly, but it will come in time.

I asked her to walk over a one foot jump, and I’ve decided that my jump standard is simply not solid enough for horse use. I’m scared the whole thing will fall over if she decides to be lazy with her feet and knock the poles with her little toes! The great news, however, is that ******Comofort is moving to a farm with real jumps, real lessons, and a real big pasture,  and I think she is going to be in hog heaven! *********


Yep, we added a martingale

I have to say, my first barn experience wasn’t a good fit, it was too far away and comfort and I never could quite relax there. My second barn, however, has been an absolute haven and a dream come true. With my move to the new farm coming up in October, I’ve begun to realize how hard it will be to say goodbye to such great people.

I’ve identified that I want and need someone who can critique my riding and give me pointers. It’s really hard to ride independently all the time, and I’m honestly proud of myself for the sheer amount of independent riding I’ve done on my first green horse. I’ve gotten to the point, though, where I am so desperate to make progress and get feedback, and I really just ache for someone to watch me ride.  While the ball is rolling, progress wise, a few pushes would make all the difference in the world. So needless to say I’m super excited!