So, It’s Been a While!

Hello, internet friends! It has been a while since I’ve posted anything, and I really wish I could say it was because I was competing at the Rolex with my pony, but, in actuality, it’s because my dear, wonderful grandmother has died and I have been in Texas with my family for the past few days. Comfort is still her angelic self, sort of, but I realized that taking her off the property to go explore the world together is not what you do when you haven’t seen your pony in almost a week. So that was really stupid. I caused a tiny traffic jam of people waiting for me to get my damn pony to stand still so they could drive by, and, all in all, it was a total failure.


I remember when I didn’t know my pony well, and we took her to her first show. I walked her all over the property without any company, and she just assumed I was the leader and was an absolute angel. Since that time, however, I seem to have put her through so much, that we can’t do that anymore, and it is really frustrating to see her not trust me. I understand it can come from herd-boundness etc, but trust me, that pony was at her first horse show, by herself, with a human she hardly knew, after being wrenched away from a herd of about 70 ponies she was born with, experiencing a show for the first time… etc. etc. you get it. The pony I know, today, would have kind of been freaking out. I am so frustrated that somewhere along the way, I totally dropped the ball on her trusting me like that. She just knows too much now, or something.


I wish I knew how to fix it, and I wish that I had done something more confidence building with her immediately after returning from this exhausting trip to Texas. I know there have been a lot of times, in the past, where I didn’t know how to step up and be the leader, but I don’t know how to fix that now. I wish I did. I know that text heavy self pity posts are not what people want to read, but hopefully you were able to bare with me till the end of this and possibly have some insight as to what kind of exercises I can do to build that trust that came naturally to her, before. I do also think she was super nervous because a storm was coming in.


I want to explain that while she was a little wacky when I was walking her off the property, she was great as soon as we got back to the barn. I turned her out and she walked right back up to me. We hung out in the barn, afterwards, for a long time just watching the rain come down together. She likes to be in my presence. I just wish that when it came to those moments where it really counts to know how to get a horse to calm down, I could, and I could do it quickly. Any thoughts?



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