If I Had a Pony….

12891552_10209139223388216_934108867282848448_oThere are a humans of all ages who daydream about “If I had a pony…” Or at least, I hope they do. Now that I actually have one, I find myself wondering something similar… “Why do I have a pony?” I think it’s important, and also natural, to regroup and get your goals in order, the serious ones and the fun ones.  Here’s an excerpt of a conversation with myself from yesterday about this very subject.

Me: Why do I have a pony? As I groom her pretty tail and braid flowers into it…

Me: It was for riding, sure, but I could do that on any equine. I have my own pony so I can do all the other little things that make a close relationship between horse and rider, things like tail braiding, and working on telepathically understanding one another in the sunshine! I got a pony for freedom and to leap over fences and go wherever I please!

Me: Then isn’t it really stupid that you don’t do more stuff like that?

Me: Yeah, actually. This is what I put so much hard work in for. When I bought her– pause to loosen tangle with one hand while giving nice scratches with the other — All my riding, all the grooming, and all the groundwork was to get the foundation I needed to have that kind of close, special relationship with my pony.


So really why do I feel like I have to be so productive all the time with her in the arena, not telepathically communicating with pony in the sunshine?

I find it’s very true of many riders that we tend to get laser focus. It’s so hard to let go of perfecting that downward transition or moving through that corner better when you feel that your riding time is so limited to begin with. Every practice is precious. Every ride promises progress. I am insanely dedicated, and I know I struggle with feeling like I can find the feeling of progress in just hanging out with my horse. Now once I am doing it, I am on cloud 9, but there’s that nagging voice, sometimes, as I am deciding what to do for the day, that’s like – you could get in just one more ride. And this could be the ride where x,y, or z really clicks! I just want so badly to keep moving forward, to making that relationship even closer with Comfort, sometimes I rush past the stuff that matters the most.


It’s so worth it to stop and smell the roses. That’s why I got Comfort to begin with! I am so lucky to have her in my life, reminding me to slow down for a while and pushing me to be a better person.

Why do you have a horse or pony, and/or why do you want one? What’s that reason that really motivates you to have an equine in your life?


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