Beautiful Naughty Pony!


Catching a pony from the pasture, a life long struggle, really. But I did find hope!

This morning and yesterday have been reallllllly good days with Comfort, and I am excited to tell you why!

So Comfort and I have a solid relationship, but she needs to learn that we don’t take breaks from me being the one in charge. I never have an “uncatchable” pony, but I think some people would give up before catching her on one of her I-don’t-want-to-work days. Me, I know she’ll come around, but I also recognize that this behavior comes from her being under the impression that there are times she gets to be in charge, which is something I obviously have to fix.

I don’t really like the word “respect” as much as “leadership” when it comes to horses and their owners or person. I know my pony loves me or she wouldn’t let me do half the stuff I do, and she wouldn’t offer behavior like following me around unhaltered, running up to greet me in the pasture, or putting up with my dumb riding mistakes. However, while this behavior is awesome, it’s really inconsistent. Therefore, it’s clearly obvious to me that Comfort believes that offering this behavior is optional. That’s not due to a lack of respect as much as it is a lack of education. I’m not going to get mad at my pony’s uncatchable behavior, when I’m the one that has told her it’s ok by doing nothing to correct it.

I recently went hunting through the annals of the equestrian deep web (not a real thing but good god I wish it were) and came across this excellent, short, simple article about how to halter your horse in the pasture on In two days, I have managed to peel back the sassy layers to reveal a pony that follows me, checks in with me first, and well generally acts like the good kid I knew she always was! Best of all she’s relaxed, because she doesn’t feel the need to try to be in charge of anything! I really think everyone should read this article if they struggle with catching their horse or pony from the field. It is SO ON POINT. Just every nuance of it is perfect.

Anyway, during our process of learning cooperation, I took some really cool photos, and I am really excited to share them on All American Pony!! So this post is short on the writing side, and we are just going to sit back and stare at how pretty ponies can be! 🙂 Enjoy!!



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