Can’ter, but a Trotting Success!

Ok BIG kisses to my sweet girl, today. What a perfect angel! I am so proud of her! Did we canter? No. But, anyway, here’s how this went:

walk, walk, FAST WALK, don’t-you-even-think-about-trotting-HALF-HALT (I literally said grrrr to tighten my abs enough)

Comfort is, of course, bored so we wind all around the arena – serpentines, circles, squiggles. She gets antsy easily and wants to pick up the pace, but today her walk was a dream! Completely relaxed! That is something we have been working so hard on, and if she gets too bored, she tries to trot. Comfort has a pint or two of wicked smart bloodlines in her.


I am SO smart, Mommy!! Kisses!

(Once again I look like an idiot, and Comfort looks so cute)

And then, we shorten the reins, and comfort knows what’s next – TROTTING!

Comfort: Mommy I can trot! I am SO great at trotting. I trot so well on the lunge line and out in the pasture and even when you’re sitting on me, for whatever reason you do that.

Me: I reply – half halt, half halt, oh my God, half halt! But then she listened! And I was so proud of her! She waited for me to ask for the trot, and for that I am so excited (and grateful).

And then we trotted…. and she was amazing! She always starts out faster than necessary and I have to reel her in a tad, but today the reeling process was pleasantly minimal!


Of course the reeling-in process was pleasant, because I am a perfectly peaceful pony! 😉

Comfort has this really annoying corner in the arena where she suddenly thinks she gets to set the pace. I am still confused about where this habit came from, but I am desperate for the phase to come to its final chapter. So today I decided that I wasn’t dealing with that corner. Call it laziness or genius.

Me: Ok how do you feel about no corners? Circle time! — Now, Comfort has a great side and a really bad side, and I have been noticing her sides evening out, recently. In the past, circles on her bad side have been a sort of tippy awkward nightmare, but we have been making steady improvement, and these past two rides, I have actually enjoyed her bad side more than her good! I had to do a double take today to make sure I hadn’t confused which direction I was going because of how smooth and bendy and lovely her trot was!

Today was seriously the best trot that Comfort has ever offered me.


She tends to speed trot, sometimes, and today I could speak to her so clearly by slowing my post and occasionally employing the outside rein. And best of all, after a little instruction from me, she found her happy place and kept the trot without me holding her there. After years of stubborn lesson horses, I was thrilled to know that horses maintaining their gait without you constantly nagging is not a thing of legends after all!!


I knew today would be a great ride, so we wore our pretty (I think Lettia) palm tree saddle pad to pre-game the success. 

Anyway, I will wrap this up, mostly because I need to go to bed, but I know that we are on the right track, and I can’t wait for the next time trainer-bestie comes out so I can show her Comfort’s fab progress! Perhaps a video is in order on an upcoming post?


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