Hello, horse community!

Being a pony owner is pretty amazing. I really feel like you don’t know horsemanship, nor do you completely know riding, until you’ve been 100% responsible for your own equine. It’s both way easier and way harder than I thought it would be. Especially if you keep your pony on a friend’s (primarily chicken) farm, and your trainer is your best friend that you text obsessively after every ride and tiniest interaction with your pony. Thanks, girl.


Yep, that saddle isn’t even placed quite right (I later fixed it, but had to take a bunch of photos of this tongue thing, first!!)

So here is Comfort. We don’t always get things right, and most of the time we just botch it completely, but having a pony, particularly a mare, sure does teach you a lot. And in this sense, I feel like we are sort of homesteaders settling in the unknown, which is why this blog is All American Pony! 

ben and jerrys

My quasi-trainer-best-friend and I were discussing Comfort’s training over Ben and Jerry’s – the way that we have all of our very profound and deep pony talks.

Her – When you got Comfort, she was a 4 (on a scale from 1-10, ten being show pony perfection). Then she sort of became a 2. And now she’s maybe a 5 or 6 ….

Me (in my head) – oh my God she thinks I’m a 6!! (Completely unable to detach my personal identity from the training of my equine). Who cares what people  think of me? I only care what they think of my pony!

My brain is 100% pony. It’s like a digital scrolling marquee of equestrian thoughts:

How can I be better at this thing with the muscle behind my knee? How can I be better at this deal with my foot in my stirrup? How can I make grooming more fun for Comfort? Browbands!

I am originally from Austin, Texas, but I now live in Virginia. I basically live here, because it’s where my pony and job are, but I do love both intensely, and that really makes it worth wile. I just can’t seem to shake off how much I dislike the damp Virginia winter, but I hope to get some thicker skin soon! My little mountain pony, as I like to call her, seems to fluff up like a pom pom in the winter (I’ll have to upload some photos of this, sometime). I try to have those special moments with her where I put my icy hands and face against her warm body trying to affectionately get blood flow again, but it doesn’t work like the nice lesson horses of yore, nor the nice ponies of television. She gets offended and steps sideways, leaving me freezing in the barn isle. For this reason and many more, I am EXTREMELY excited about spring!!


Um, I’m sorry, is this ME you are talking about making canter, jump and love you? 

Comfort and I, well let’s be real, just me, have huuuuge plans for the warm weather season, and we (I) have made some goals!

  • cantering
  • loving and trusting each other
  • jumping

It may sound a little lame, but we are still in the baby phase. I have found that it’s so important to not compare yourself to others when you are training your pony. Particularly one that is still a bit green. Some days we canter and it’s no big deal – or it’s just a complete accident. Same with jumping. But SOMETIMES she bolts and leaps out of the arena or refuses a 1 ft half rail. I just have to remember that we are juuuuuust beginning, and I have only intentionally cantered her 4 times, so there will probably be many many future posts just about the canter! Whoopee!!

Well, more to come once I ride my beast, tonight! With luck on my side, perhaps we will canter a 5th time!


That’s my girl! 


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